Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dickdusters, Murder Junkies, and Jewdriver at the Knockout, SF

The Endless Blockade, Coffins at ABC No Rio

Fun Machine, Golden Error, An Albatross at Death by Audio, Brooklyn NY

Ted Leo and Against Me! at the Oakland Art and Soul Festival

Eskapo at 924 Gilman

Takaru, Akimbo, and Yaphet Kotto, 17th Street, Downtown Oakland

DRB and Ride the Blinds at the Ivy Room, Berkeley

Eggs on Legs, and KIT at the Humboldt Street House

Mars at the Parkside, SF

Two Gallants, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, and Japanther at the Lobot Warehouse, Oakland

Set Your Goals, Lifetime at Slim's, SF

Voetsek, Witchhunt, and Facedowninshit at the Hazmat Warehouse

Chinatown Bakeries, French Quarter, and the Finches at the Hemlock Tavern, SF

The Sword & Sandals, Ettricks, and Zs at 21 Grand

Woman's Worth, Vholtz, and the Sword & Sandals at the Jazz House, Oakland

Beans, Battles, and Prefuse 73 at the Great American Music Hall

Monday, May 5, 2008

Obits, Love or Perish at the Cake Shop

Ghengis Tron, Kylesa at the Uptown

Common at the Filmore

Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon at the Fillmore

Mountain Goats, Pony Up at the Independent

The Viking Moses, Morgan's orange, Friendship Hurricane, Chinatown Bakeries at Mama Buzz Cafe

The Pubes, Cropduster, Jesus Fucking Christ, Raw Power at the Stork Club

Lack of Interest, Capitalist Casualties, Voetsek at the Hazmat

The Locust, Daughters, Cattle Decapitation and 924 Gilman

Bloodhag and Stovokor at the Elbo Room

Gorilla Biscuits reunion at The SF Pound

Nomeansno at the Starry Plough

Anna Oxygen, Johnny X and The Groadies, Meneguar at 21 Grand