Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feedback #666

All these February posts from 2010 represent some of the Feedback comix from the new issue #6 available from Last Gasp (now) and Microcosm (soon) - just search by "isaacson" - or directly from me! I am really happy with this issue, as it is bigger than normal, and includes flyer art and letters from Aaron Cometbus and Robert Eggplant, and even has a few comics in it I haven't managed to scan and post (yet). Feedback 6 even got a pretty good review (and pic) in Maximum RocknRoll's photo issue!
Sorry for the months-long delay! I got busy between Writers-In-The-Schools, teaching screenprinting at Em Space, laying out the new Xtra Tuf #6 (Greenhorn issue), and a whole ton of poster projects you can see soon on my website.

Nun Chucksky, Adelitas

Abandon, Transient, Desperate Hours, Dogs Holy Life

Artistery Birthday Party: Boom, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Guantanamo Baywatch

Ceremony, Cruel Hand

Cokebust, Sickfix, Honduran

Wax Fingers, Experimental Dental School

Desperate Hours, Nerveskade


Anchor Down, Mike Park, Classics of Love

Trans AM, Polvo, MFNW

Superbad, Transient, Magrudergrind, Order of the Vulture, Unholy Grave