Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Age, Eat Skull, Gun Costume at Worksoundguywastrashed

I'm trying out a new page format, since this project is shaping up to be more of a "zine" than a "blog." I chose the four-panel square format to appeal to more weekly newspapers, but since I don't get around to submitting them very much, I might as well add more panels to capture all those special moments.

Better late than never!

The reason I have been lagging about posting is that I was on tour with Microcosm Publishing for most of April and May. I draw twelve of these comics all at once. So pretty soon I'll dumping another twelve show comics up in here. I'm also trying to post more recent shows (these last three were all last year!) So look out for some No Age and Amebix comics coming up!

Final Warning, Warcry, Guided (Gilded?) Cradle, Autistic Youth, and Satyricon

Morpheme, Lebenden Toten, "Runes", mafia house (?)

I don't know where the hell this show was or what really happened.

Superbad, Voetsek, and Mind of Asian at Plan B