Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feedback #666

All these February posts from 2010 represent some of the Feedback comix from the new issue #6 available from Last Gasp (now) and Microcosm (soon) - just search by "isaacson" - or directly from me! I am really happy with this issue, as it is bigger than normal, and includes flyer art and letters from Aaron Cometbus and Robert Eggplant, and even has a few comics in it I haven't managed to scan and post (yet). Feedback 6 even got a pretty good review (and pic) in Maximum RocknRoll's photo issue!
Sorry for the months-long delay! I got busy between Writers-In-The-Schools, teaching screenprinting at Em Space, laying out the new Xtra Tuf #6 (Greenhorn issue), and a whole ton of poster projects you can see soon on my website.

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